Bid to Rent.

Residential, commercial and industrial space

Auction Central now offers the benefit of an auction to landlords and tenant

The auction platform has proven to be an effective method of bringing serious sellers and serious buyers together over a quicker time frame and allowing the marketing to compete for the property maximalising the potential value.

Our Bidding platform

Our online bidding platform makes it easy for bidders to compete against once another in the comfort of their homes at their own pace, bidding takes place over a 3 day period. Once the auction is over the winning bidder will be notified, sign the lease and arrange occupation.

  1. The market completes for your property
  2. Quick results
  3. Qualified tenants compete to rent on your terms
  1. You dictate the price
  2. You deal with motivated landlords
  3. Quick and easy process – no up and down negotiations
  1. Find a property you like
  2. Contact us and request a bidders information pack on the property
  3. Attend the viewing of the property
  4. Register – simply complete an online form
  5. Upload your FICA documentation – copy of ID, Proof of residential address
  6. Provide consent for credit vetting
  7. We may request additional documentation
  8. Pay the registration fee
  9. Once approved – you will be provided access to the bidding platform
  10. Start bidding
  11. You will be notified by sms and email if you are losing, continue bidding
  12. On day 3 bids close – we will notify the successful bidder
  13. Winning bidder signs the lease and pays the deposit
  14. Its time to move into your new place!

Auctions speak louder than words!

We would love to discuss your property valuation with you. Please give us a call, send us an email, or click here to complete a quick form.

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